Monday, 9 November 2009

Why I think John and Edward should win...

Or at least get to the semi-finals. I had my head in my hands last night as the twins (or trolls as many are calling them) were announced as being in the bottom two and having to take part in the 'sing-off' against Lucy. "Well that's it, then!" I said to Honor who I had got up out of bed to watch X-Factor with me. "Vote again, Mummy!" she pleaded. "It's too late". I sighed, heavily. "What, are the lines closed, then?" "Yes...", I snapped, "..and those judges are going to kick 'em out!"
Hurrah! Simon hit the nail on the head when he said he didn't think Lucy could win and he'd rather see John and Edward again and so gave up the decision to the public vote.

I read lots of angry comments on Facebook this morning. And many people exasperated that this is a singing competition. Well, sure it is. But these contestants, in my opinion have already won in the singing stakes. By getting into the final 12 they have proved they are all brilliant singers. But that's not the point. It can't be the point because we've seen so many excellent singers, like Laura last year, leave the competition early on. Why? Because they have to do more than just sing. They have to be likeable, fun, entertain. I really thought the game was up for JEdward because they don't stand on the stage with their eyes closed, reaching down into the pits of their stomachs like they're in some kind of agony to belt out the whopping notes that most of the others do. No. They leapt around the stage, catapaulting themselves into the audience and cartwheeling back again while managing to keep the tune to Rock DJ fairly recognisable! And they didn't stand simpering and whining as they awaited their fate. Not only did they stay cheerful but they managed to put a smile back on Lucy's face, bless 'em, who, incidentally commented that SHE thought they deserved to go on because they worked harder than anyone. And this is where I think they deserve credit. Because in spite of all the negativity, they appear to focus entirely on putting on the best performance they can. I'll be interested to see whether next week, they'll behave like Danyl did, all broken or wounded or will they get on with enjoying the gig for what it is... after all, they are all so priviledged to be there.

Rock on, John and Edward, Rock on!

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