Tuesday, 3 November 2009

All sorts and out of sorts.

Poor Henry. He was definitely out of sorts today. Right from the moment he got up he was behaving very silly which got him into a fight with his big sister and got me irritated too. After some stern words, the two of them sat at opposite ends of the table to eat their rice pops, glaring at each other, in silence. I was sure I could hear the theme tune from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the background, somewhere. It was like that all day from what I could gather. He was told off at school for jumping on the benches in the playground. He couldn't focus on his Kumon when he got home and bedtime ended in screaming (him, not me... oh no. I stayed very cool and left him to it. Well, I had a baby to feed and homework to do with Honor.) So Daddy sorted that out when he got in. Hopefully, he'll get a good nights sleep and be more agreeable in the morning. On reflection though, often when he has a day like this, he goes down with a virus shortly afterwards so I'll keep an eye out for that.
I went into the school office this morning to hand over all our hard earned cash... swimming, a trip to Leeds Castle and a trip to Canterbury Cathedral, so far this term we've been asked for £98 and it's only November! I had a little grumble about that. I also took in my documents for the CRB check so that I can help in school, but had to come back later as I forgot the NI number.
I've been doing some stuff in the kitchen too, trying to make good use of leftovers. I made a chicken and veg soup (which took a lot of cajoling to get the kids to eat) and a kind of homemade ice-cream out of very ripe bananas and a mango. I gave some of the puree to Hope and whizzed up the rest with some double cream and put it in the freezer for the kids pudding. And as the photo shows, they thought it was great! Hope and I popped over to Dunelm Mill this afternoon to get some nice fabric to cover up the cubby holes in the kitchen.
So, to finish off, Honor is studying measurement at school so we practised weighing some things and learning what all the markings on the scales represent. She found it more difficult to
understand a quarter or 25% of a kg, so we'll just keep on practising!
Tomorrow we are going to see A-Ha in concert!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!

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