Saturday, 14 November 2009

It's oh so quiet, shhhh, shhhh and so peaceful until...

Hubby is away, the big kids are away and I feel just a bit lonely, a bit like how this duck looks. I spoke to Hubby on the phone about an hour ago. I was cross about the whole dishwasher business but he was even more cross. Thought I was making too much of a big deal. Annoyed that I've rearranged the pipes. The other day I asked his Dad to set it up so it wouldn't keep leaking. I'm not even using the damn thing. On his way out, Dad-in-law, commented that it wouldn't hurt to roll up my sleeves with some hot water and wash the dishes myself. Ohhhh. I do. I do. All the time. Oh. Too exhausted to go on about this... so...

I went to an Adoption Open Day this afternoon. The weather was beyond terrible today and though, I know that shouldn't be a factor, I was surprised at how busy it was there. We listened to a talk about the adoption process and the social worker kept emphasising how it was all about the child and matching the needs of the child. Nowadays, it is very rare for babies to be given up for adoption. What happens now is babies and children are removed from homes for various reasons and lengthy legal procedures follow which means that prospective adopters are, realistically, looking at adopting children, not babies, that have been through very traumatic times. The social worker acknowledged at the beginning of her presentation that there are various reasons for people coming forward to adopt . They did not mention a human need many people have to care for and nurture others. I won't see how the prospective adopters will be treated following this but I do hope the needs of the adults are taken into account too. Yesterday, with the silly robot receptionist was, well silly, but I think it's plain stupid to expect adults to behave like unemotional robots. But, I fear, the age of common sense has passed us by and we old and young will suffer the consequences.

Oooh. That's a bit heavy. I should just stop thinking and get back to voting for John and Edward on the X-Factor. The theme tonight is.. QUEEN! Love it!

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