Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Sun Always Shines....

Last night Hubby, Honor and I went to the O2 in London to see A-Ha. We had a really fabulous evening. Straight after school, my Mum came to babysit the younger ones and we had an easy, straightforward journey up there with plenty of time to look around and have a nice meal which was in a Chinese restaurant. But it was nicer than the usual chinese food and not too expensive either. I had tempura seabass in a lime sauce.
Honor really enjoyed herself. She got a bit tired and fidgety through the support act - Donkey Boy (hur, hur!) but the atmosphere building up after that, with the chanting and mexican wave
in the crowd got us going again. A-Ha were absolutely BRILLIANT! I think they should go on X-Factor instead of the likes of Britney and Whitney and show everyone how to hold onto those big long notes! And Mags has such a good sense of humour, really milking the audience appreciation of his xylophone solo!!!
We didn't get home 'til midnight. Honor, though, didn't seem at all tired today. In fact they're all out to the local bonfire on the lees, but I am too shattered to go. Gonna have a bath and early night. I've promised Henry a little prize. Mum said he was excellent at helping her look after the baby last night.

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