Thursday, 19 November 2009

The littlest hobos!

Today is the feast day of St Elizabeth of Hungary, the patron saint of Hobos who sold all her riches to help the sick, starving and homeless. As we were up a bit earlier than usual today, we had time before school to reflect on being thankful for having such a lovely home and everything we need. We've put her picture up on the sideboard, as a reminder, where it will stay until the beginning of Advent... which isn't long now!!!
At school today, the big kids were invited to audition for tomorrows' Children in Need talent show. Henry took in his guitar and Honor took a couple of hula hoops. But they both came home saying they'd bottled out of it!
I had tea with my friend Lee this morning. She has leant me a spotty dressing gown for Henry to wear. I also popped into town to pick up some photos - mainly of Hope. They're a bit disappointing. On my way back to the car I popped into the clothes shop for a browse and got chatting to an old lady who came up to see the baby. She used to be a nurse at the baby clinic years and years ago and loved working with the babies. She told me quite a bit about her own family, too. That's what is nice about carrying the baby around - it's a conversation starter!
One of the pictures shows Honor playing with Molly Moo Cow - the first thing I ever bought for her just after I found out I was expecting.

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