Monday, 30 November 2009

Getting on our Wickes!

Somebody e-mailed me this picture today... can't think why!

Our weekend was a busy one, taken up again with diy and trips to Wickes (which the kids HATE!) Hubby was busy replacing the old living room door with a new pine one and is in the process of replacing the architrave and skirting board too. I'm very impressed, it's looking much nicer now. So because Hubby was busy I had to take the kids out in the cold and dark on Saturday evening for the 'switching on' of the lights in town. Honor had to be there with the Brownies. Henry found it very boring and uncomfortable and so I had to reward him with a new light sabre from one of the street traders. It was quite nice, though, to see some of the Mums from Honor's old school again.

And my brother rang me with some exciting news from Down Under...

Friday, 27 November 2009


I'm so. so tired. It is only 6.45pm and I'm bathed and in my jammies watching the bedtime hour on Cbeebies with Hope who is playing on the floor. The latest news is... Henry got the Citizen of the Week award at school for being kind and Hubby has bought a trailer on ebay. Hubby has also removed the kitchen door as I think it is in the way! And he will hopefully replace the living room door with a new pine one this weekend.
That's all I can manage tonight.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Kumon and Cooking.

This is actually for yesterday. I tried sending my pics from the phone to the computer but it wouldn't work. My hardware and software seem to be feeling much better today so I can get on with it now.
So. When the kids came in from school they had their usual snack to keep the wolf from the door and gor straight on with their Kumon homework. This has to be done religiously every day. It's a kind of brain training, a method based upon repetition and gradual progress through the stages. Earlier that day I rang the instructor to discuss the process for Honor's maths. At the moment she is practising daily subtraction of 2-digit numbers and I had been telling her to mark on the paper where she was carrying from the 10's. But the instructor insists that the pupil must not write it down but hold the process mentally in their heads as they go through it. In the workbook a whole page is devoted to subtracting from numbers that end in 3 so that the pupil is also revising number bonds to 13 at the same time. Eg, 43-15= the 3 becomes 13 in your head, 8 and 5 is 13 so the unit is 8 and then you have to remember that the 4 is now 3, subtract the 1 = 2 and the answer is 28. I thought Honor might struggle with not being allowed to write the process down but she didn't. She has done quite a bit of practise on this already so she is getting quicker and more mentally agile (faster than me, in fact, though as I said to the instructor, I don't think I'll be getting Alzheimer's any time soon!). Honor is also enjoying the English work. I know she has only just started but she has actually been taking alot of care in completing it accurately. There seems to be a lot of focus, not just in Kumon but in school also to form letters 'just so.' For example 'k' and 'h' have tall sticks (ascenders) right up to the line but 't's ascender doesn't quite reach it and teachers are VERY fussy about it being right! (much more so than I used to be! long as I could read it, that was good enough!) Henry has been doing Kumon maths since March. I wanted him to start at the beginning because I believe the school curriculum lacks the basic repetitive practise that I think is essential. At the stage he is at now he can easily read, write and count numbers up to 100. I'm not going to put him in English yet (1. Can't really afford it and 2. think it'll be too much to do after school) but he is reading very well, flying through the books he brings home from school and I did buy a couple of Kumon English books from Amazon so I can photocopy just a page or 2 at a time for extra help at home, when he is up to it.
After Kumon, they did their cooking as Wednesday is cooking day! Honor was given a recipe from CBeebies I Can Cook for a bread and butter pudding to follow by herself. This was a good opportunity for her to practise weighing and measuring. Henry made fruit buns. They both used up the over-ripe bananas from the fruit bowl in their recipes.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Margate is closed!

Just thought, while I'm watching yet more Dr Who repeats on BBC3, I would upload some of the pictures from Margate.

Day off.

Today was an INSET day at school and hubby had arranged to have the day off. After catching up on a load of maths Kumon homework we headed down to Manston to visit the museums by the airport. Unfortunately the Manston museum was closed (only open at weekends). But we were still able to look around the Spitfire museum, which was free! The kids LOVED it. I knew Henry would. He is very familiar with all that World War stuff from the Indiana Jones films. But even Honor got really excited about it. She has studied a bit about it all at school. It's a lovely little museum with a 1940's style cafe where we had a cup of tea and watched the planes taking off. It also has a gift shop. Henry bought a noisy plane and Honor bought a book about Anne Frank. We'll definitely go back again when the other museum is open and spend a bit longer.

So after lunch we had to decide where to go next. I thought of heading into Margate with the idea of either visiting the museum there or the Shell Grotto. But Margate was a dismal place. We drove around for ages NOT finding the Grotto. Then we parked to check out the tourist information centre and museum, but both were closed. We did come across a lovely playground on the seafront, heading out of Margate towards Cliftonville which had a huge, wooden Viking Ship to play on and all sorts of great play equipment. The older two played there for half an hour and then we decided to head back to Birchington for a break at Jungle Jims - one of those indoor play barns. Not really the kind of thing I was looking to do, but the kids had a great time, and... in the car park we saw a caravan for sale which hubby is interested in.
I'm back now and baby is having her nap while the others have gone to their Kumon class. Honor has been doing maths for just over a year as she lacks confidence in this. But she wanted to do English too so she starts this today. She thinks it's going to be easy. She is quite advanced for her age in English but Kumon is all about accuracy which Honor tends to be lazy about. So she might be surprised to find she gets more wrong than she thought. Well, we'll see.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Spots2 - The Revenge!

Here are the big kids in their spotty outfits for Children in Need.
Hubby arrived back from South Africa this weekend. It hasn't been as hard to adjust to as I had anticipated. We had already agreed that when he got back, we would dedicate this time to having fun with the kids. He has really missed them. He took the 2 big kids swimming this morning and he was impressed at how well they behaved. (Actually, he is sitting beside me right now and I can smell the chlorine!) We all have a day off tomorrow so we are going to the museum at Manston Airport.
So, yeah, it's been a nice weekend. Even though we had to watch John and Edward leave the X-Factor. But I have a feeling they are going to be the real winners of this years competition, regardless of who gets the most votes.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

The littlest hobos!

Today is the feast day of St Elizabeth of Hungary, the patron saint of Hobos who sold all her riches to help the sick, starving and homeless. As we were up a bit earlier than usual today, we had time before school to reflect on being thankful for having such a lovely home and everything we need. We've put her picture up on the sideboard, as a reminder, where it will stay until the beginning of Advent... which isn't long now!!!
At school today, the big kids were invited to audition for tomorrows' Children in Need talent show. Henry took in his guitar and Honor took a couple of hula hoops. But they both came home saying they'd bottled out of it!
I had tea with my friend Lee this morning. She has leant me a spotty dressing gown for Henry to wear. I also popped into town to pick up some photos - mainly of Hope. They're a bit disappointing. On my way back to the car I popped into the clothes shop for a browse and got chatting to an old lady who came up to see the baby. She used to be a nurse at the baby clinic years and years ago and loved working with the babies. She told me quite a bit about her own family, too. That's what is nice about carrying the baby around - it's a conversation starter!
One of the pictures shows Honor playing with Molly Moo Cow - the first thing I ever bought for her just after I found out I was expecting.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I went Christmas shopping with Mum on this very windy Wednesday. Among my purchases was this spotty pink dress for Honor and spotty scarf. On Friday it is Children in Need day and their school has asked the children to wear spotty clothes. So it seemed like a good excuse to get my big girl a new dress. Getting something for Henry to wear is not so simple. It seems that spots are not in fashion for boys! So I bought a plain pair of blue wellies and painted on the spots. I kept on going with this old pair of blue trousers, too, incase I can't come up with anything else by Friday. We'll see.... (I wonder if mother-in-law has anything to borrow?)
Also, Hope is now getting up on her knees to crawl.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Great Jehova!

I'm still sitting here waiting for the dishwasher man to arrive. Just now there was a tap on the door. "That'll be him!"

NO! It was the Jehovas Witnesses. Bless 'em. They are lovely ladies but they do scare me. I listened to their bible reading about the Kingdom of Heaven and how God's government is coming soon. (Watch out Gordon). I don't mind them coming as long as they are clear I'm not converting. I think most people are very wary of the Jehovas. They have a reputation for being pushy and their very extreme interpretations of the Word are not for everyone. But is it Christian to shut the door in their faces and turn them away? I wonder what advice the Priest would give. Must remember to ask him. Anyway, I did a little preaching myself... on the virtues of Little House on the Prairie. I think they were impressed!!!

It won't be too much longer until Hubby is home from South Africa. The pics today show the crocodile's tail he had for dinner in Cape Town and of course the famous Table Mountain. "How was that?", I asked. "Well, it's a mountain, innit?" was his unimpressed reply.
I had a surprise visitor first thing this morning. One of Henry's former nursery teachers dropped in on her way to have a facial. We had a good little chat which included a discussion about blogging. She is contemplating writing a blog herself. I hope she does, and sends me the link 'cos I reckon it'll be juicy!
It's 10.15am now. Baby has been in bed for about half an hour, now. She has a lovely long nap in the mornings which last 'til just past lunch time so I can get plenty done and have a relaxed lunch too. Then she gets up for her lunch and we'll watch Loose Women. I think she likes Jane MacDonald best! But there's not much for me to get into now as I'm sitting waiting for 'the man' to turn up and fix the dishwasher. Im not looking forward to that....

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Already, after just 24 hours using the antibiotic cream, Henry's suspected impetigo is almost completely gone. He still seems to be unwell, though it can be difficult to tell after he has had a dose of infant neurofen. Works wonders, that stuff.
I had Sunday lunch with the in-laws today. Yum. A very welcome treat for me. Hope had her first piece of Yorkshire Pudding. She is now seven and a half months. I managed to exclusively breastfeed her for the first 6 months and we have slowly been introducing various pureed foods. I am now trying her with lumpier food and some finger food too. I was slightly worried that with starting solids so much later than the other two that she might not take to it as well. But she's getting on just fine.
The other children were very tired after their sleepovers so, although it is only 6pm, they are both in bed already. Hope is ahving a good play on the floor with her toys. Just like her brother and sister at that age, she prefers to play with a cardboard box and tube than 'real' toys. I am hoping, in the next hour, to get her fed, put to bed, then have a bath, get into my jammies and watch Dr Who, X-Factor and I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

It's oh so quiet, shhhh, shhhh and so peaceful until...

Hubby is away, the big kids are away and I feel just a bit lonely, a bit like how this duck looks. I spoke to Hubby on the phone about an hour ago. I was cross about the whole dishwasher business but he was even more cross. Thought I was making too much of a big deal. Annoyed that I've rearranged the pipes. The other day I asked his Dad to set it up so it wouldn't keep leaking. I'm not even using the damn thing. On his way out, Dad-in-law, commented that it wouldn't hurt to roll up my sleeves with some hot water and wash the dishes myself. Ohhhh. I do. I do. All the time. Oh. Too exhausted to go on about this... so...

I went to an Adoption Open Day this afternoon. The weather was beyond terrible today and though, I know that shouldn't be a factor, I was surprised at how busy it was there. We listened to a talk about the adoption process and the social worker kept emphasising how it was all about the child and matching the needs of the child. Nowadays, it is very rare for babies to be given up for adoption. What happens now is babies and children are removed from homes for various reasons and lengthy legal procedures follow which means that prospective adopters are, realistically, looking at adopting children, not babies, that have been through very traumatic times. The social worker acknowledged at the beginning of her presentation that there are various reasons for people coming forward to adopt . They did not mention a human need many people have to care for and nurture others. I won't see how the prospective adopters will be treated following this but I do hope the needs of the adults are taken into account too. Yesterday, with the silly robot receptionist was, well silly, but I think it's plain stupid to expect adults to behave like unemotional robots. But, I fear, the age of common sense has passed us by and we old and young will suffer the consequences.

Oooh. That's a bit heavy. I should just stop thinking and get back to voting for John and Edward on the X-Factor. The theme tonight is.. QUEEN! Love it!

Friday, 13 November 2009


Well. Poor Henry was burning up by 5.30pm and needed to take some calpol and go to bed. As I was confused by the previous conversation with the doc's receptionist I decided to call back to a) clarify what the plan was and b) explain that I wouldn't be able to pick up any prescription tonight and therefore ask her what do I do next. I didn't get very far, She didn't listen and kept repeating "I'm sorry, that's all I can tell you". I kept trying to explain that I wasn't coming and she said "I'm sorry. the doctor is in surgery, I can't go in and force him to write the prescription". I said "look, I just want to know when I can collect it, are you open tomorrow?" And she kept repeating "I'm sorry, the doctor is in surgery, I'm afraid that's all I can tell you". And she said it over and over again (just like a robot short-circuiting) until I started to laugh and then I asked for her name. At that point she offered to leave the prescription with the pharmacist.

Is it me?????

It never rains but it pours!

Ugh! What a horrible, horrible day. All night the letterbox was bang, bang, banging in the wind. And we got up to torrential rain and flooding outside as well as more flooding in the kitchen courtesy of the dishwasher that I haven't touched all week. So after getting soaked through on the way to school (but thanks to the kind Mummy who lent me an umbrella for the walk back) I got changed into dry clothes to tackle my indoor flood. My father-in-law came over to help with this. Seems that all the water that I thought I was draining out was actually just sitting in the pipe and running back into the machine and leaking out on to the floor. Well, that's what we think, anyway. Hubby had set up some bizarre plumbing method when we first got the machine but I got father-in-law to put things back the way it should be for now. Hopefully this will stop the floods. WHY CAN'T I LIVE IN A NORMAL HOUSE???? It really stank too.

The rest of the day as been less than delightful too. A very boring fight with a laminator, I can't be bothered to go into. And the older kids have problems, too. My big girl, Honor, came home very upset (and I was a witness to this) because one of the girls in her class is having a 'secret' birthday party and didn't invite her. Now of course I understand, because we do it ourselves, that you can't invite everyone. That's life, but I saw myself how the little madams were behaving all sneaky, whispery and sniggery in front of Honor as they went off after school. Oh well, suppose she'd better get used to it. Seems the grown-ups don't behave any better.
Henry was VERY quiet on the way home and looking flushed in the cheeks. At home he was complaining about not feeling well. He has had a scab under his bottom lip for about a week now and I was beginning to suspect impetigo. I looked at the clock, it was 4pm, and wondered if I should call the docs now or wait 'til Monday. Well, as this happened to Honor a couple of years ago, I know this will need an antibiotic cream, so maybe if I call the receptionist now, she'll advise me on what to do cos they're helpful like that, aren't they? WRONG! No, the receptionist was very unpleasant. 'Why are you phoning now?,... it's a bit late, ...he's had it HOW long???...'
and so on. So now I'm a neglectful mother who has let her son go a whole week with this scab (but it's not urgent enough for them to help me tonight). I have to ring back at 6 to see if we deserve a prescription, or not.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Lest we forget.

Of course today we remember the brave soldiers who fight to protect those who cannot stand up for themselves against oppression. What a coincidence it was in our house today that the 'Little House' episode was 'The Bully Boys' in which the community of Walnut Grove, after turning the other cheek, have to stand together and fight against a bunch of very unpleasant characters! It was food for thought. The 2 World Wars seem a long time ago, and didn't happen in my lifetime. Afghanistan seems so far away, though the media brings it home. But this episode reminds us that people take advantage of others all the time and it takes courage to stand up to bullies. Some friends of mine are having such a difficulty with someone like that. At the moment they are uncomfortable about confronting her or making a complaint in order to keep the peace. But usually, these types of people don't stop and will keep pushing others around unless their victims stand up to them. And it takes brave people to stand with those victims, rather than do the cowardly thing, like Nellie Olson did, by sucking up to the bullies.
A very different battle I am fighting at home is trying to keep the kids rooms in order. The last couple of days has seen me sorting Honor's room. I had to repaint her cupboard doors as she had graffitied all over them. If she does this again, I will charge her for the paint. Anyway, I went for 'Mojito' - a very zingy green colour. Here are some before and after pics. (She got new curtains, too!)

Monday, 9 November 2009

Things that make you go hmmmm.

Hubby is now off, scot free, one could say. As I write, relaxing in an hotel room in Johannesburg, though I'm sure, after a hard days work and a very long night of travelling. I didn't sleep too well myself. Little doubts and worries kept on popping into my head like 'can I smell smoke... is the smoke alarm working?' 'What if I die in the night? Will anyone find us in time to save the baby?'

Yes, I do worry and hubby complains that I tend to be pessimistic in general. But something always goes wrong when he goes away and so today, yes things did start to go wrong. Just a few days before he left the dishwasher broke down. That's not so bad. I can live without that. Last time he went, it was the washing machine. And to top it all Henry had spent the night vomiting over every bit of bedlinen I had. The next morning I was chucking all the vomit soaked bedclothes out into the yard when the Jehova's Witnesses turned up asking me if I'd thought about Armaggedon. Well, yes, though I think it's just happened! Anyway, today I kept finding mysterious puddles of water in the middle of the kitchen floor. After clearing them up I worked out that the water seems to be leaking from the dishwasher. Also. The sink appears to be blocked and therefore the water is taking a really long time to drain away. I went out and got some Mr Muscle, but it hasn't helped. So, for now, I've stuffed a load of kitchen towel under the dishwasher while I see what happens and think what to do next.

I got my shopping delivered today. I had ordered a packet of mature grated cheese but this had been substituted for medium. Then the delivery man asked why couldn't I just get a normal packet and grate it myself. So I found myself having to defend these little shortcuts I make in order to make life a bit easier. For goodness sake. Now I've got white goods to fix, 3 kids to look after, a christmas cake to make (I started soaking the fruit in the brandy last night - mmmm)... I don't HAVE TIME to grate cheese! And I don't know what I've done to change the text here. (I did, however, get time for a little walk along the creek and take a couple of nice photos including one of a boat called 'Henry').

Anyway. Tomorrow I have some friends coming round for coffee. Hopefully this lot will turn up!

Why I think John and Edward should win...

Or at least get to the semi-finals. I had my head in my hands last night as the twins (or trolls as many are calling them) were announced as being in the bottom two and having to take part in the 'sing-off' against Lucy. "Well that's it, then!" I said to Honor who I had got up out of bed to watch X-Factor with me. "Vote again, Mummy!" she pleaded. "It's too late". I sighed, heavily. "What, are the lines closed, then?" "Yes...", I snapped, "..and those judges are going to kick 'em out!"
Hurrah! Simon hit the nail on the head when he said he didn't think Lucy could win and he'd rather see John and Edward again and so gave up the decision to the public vote.

I read lots of angry comments on Facebook this morning. And many people exasperated that this is a singing competition. Well, sure it is. But these contestants, in my opinion have already won in the singing stakes. By getting into the final 12 they have proved they are all brilliant singers. But that's not the point. It can't be the point because we've seen so many excellent singers, like Laura last year, leave the competition early on. Why? Because they have to do more than just sing. They have to be likeable, fun, entertain. I really thought the game was up for JEdward because they don't stand on the stage with their eyes closed, reaching down into the pits of their stomachs like they're in some kind of agony to belt out the whopping notes that most of the others do. No. They leapt around the stage, catapaulting themselves into the audience and cartwheeling back again while managing to keep the tune to Rock DJ fairly recognisable! And they didn't stand simpering and whining as they awaited their fate. Not only did they stay cheerful but they managed to put a smile back on Lucy's face, bless 'em, who, incidentally commented that SHE thought they deserved to go on because they worked harder than anyone. And this is where I think they deserve credit. Because in spite of all the negativity, they appear to focus entirely on putting on the best performance they can. I'll be interested to see whether next week, they'll behave like Danyl did, all broken or wounded or will they get on with enjoying the gig for what it is... after all, they are all so priviledged to be there.

Rock on, John and Edward, Rock on!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

This weekend has been mostly preparing for Hubby to go off to South Africa. (He went this afternoon). But we had time to get this new rug for the study which Hope is enjoying rolling around on and Honor practised converting fractions into decimals with the base 10 on it this afternoon. Henry has been mostly charging around the house with his new plastic swords that he got as a prize for helping Grandma look after the baby on Wednesday.
And this morning Honor took part in the Rememberance Sunday parade with the Brownies at church.

Friday, 6 November 2009


A few of my favourite blogs regularly focus on gratitude. There's a 'gratitude Friday' theme and a 'November gratitude challenge' that I've been reading about. Well, today is Friday and it is November so I'm going to post about what I'm grateful for. (In no particular order...)
1.) That beautiful baby asleep upstairs.
2.) My husband, sitting in the back room in his Superman T-Shirt and pants, working hard so that I get to stay home to look after the kids and that he helped me clean up the house ready for some visitors that were going to come this morning (but didn't turn up!)
3.) My friend Lee (LTG!) who makes me laugh.
4.) My good friends Lisa and Glenn who treat our kids like they they are family.
5.) A comfortable bed (I was sleeping on a broken one for about a year and was able to get it replaced just before the baby was born).
6.) A-Ha - well, why shouldn't they be on the list?
7.) My Mum and Dad
8.) Hubby's Mum and Dad.
9.) John and Edward (hee hee). Well they put the fun factor into X-Factor and it's rubbish that they wouldn't be able to make a decent, listenable record... they can do wonders with technology, nowadays.
10.) The sun shining through the window.
11.) The lillies on the sideboard.
12.) The cup of tea in my hand.
13.) Our tracker mortgage! (And low interest rates)

Funny thing is, on this gratitude Friday, I took a look at what my friends on Facebook have to say this morning and a lot of them are grumbling about something or other. Well, why not. Of course we should reflect more often than not about what is good in our lives but I reckon a good 'ol grumble now and again is healthy so my last one, for today anyway is...
14.) The right to grumble!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hubby has just been showing me some of the clips from the concert that he filmed on his phone last night. They're surprisingly good quality. (And in the light of my recent 'techno babe' post -will, no doubt, look back on THIS post in 10 years and laugh).
I remember the first concert I EVER went to. Fleetwood Mac - Behind the Mask. I was struck by the image of Stevie Nicks, lit up like a goddess, with so many audience members holding up their cigarette lighters as she sang. Well, this time, it looked similar, only it was the lights of all the mobile phones being held up to record the action.
I said I was going to bed, didn't I? Well, can I just watch Peter Andre first?

The Sun Always Shines....

Last night Hubby, Honor and I went to the O2 in London to see A-Ha. We had a really fabulous evening. Straight after school, my Mum came to babysit the younger ones and we had an easy, straightforward journey up there with plenty of time to look around and have a nice meal which was in a Chinese restaurant. But it was nicer than the usual chinese food and not too expensive either. I had tempura seabass in a lime sauce.
Honor really enjoyed herself. She got a bit tired and fidgety through the support act - Donkey Boy (hur, hur!) but the atmosphere building up after that, with the chanting and mexican wave
in the crowd got us going again. A-Ha were absolutely BRILLIANT! I think they should go on X-Factor instead of the likes of Britney and Whitney and show everyone how to hold onto those big long notes! And Mags has such a good sense of humour, really milking the audience appreciation of his xylophone solo!!!
We didn't get home 'til midnight. Honor, though, didn't seem at all tired today. In fact they're all out to the local bonfire on the lees, but I am too shattered to go. Gonna have a bath and early night. I've promised Henry a little prize. Mum said he was excellent at helping her look after the baby last night.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

All sorts and out of sorts.

Poor Henry. He was definitely out of sorts today. Right from the moment he got up he was behaving very silly which got him into a fight with his big sister and got me irritated too. After some stern words, the two of them sat at opposite ends of the table to eat their rice pops, glaring at each other, in silence. I was sure I could hear the theme tune from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the background, somewhere. It was like that all day from what I could gather. He was told off at school for jumping on the benches in the playground. He couldn't focus on his Kumon when he got home and bedtime ended in screaming (him, not me... oh no. I stayed very cool and left him to it. Well, I had a baby to feed and homework to do with Honor.) So Daddy sorted that out when he got in. Hopefully, he'll get a good nights sleep and be more agreeable in the morning. On reflection though, often when he has a day like this, he goes down with a virus shortly afterwards so I'll keep an eye out for that.
I went into the school office this morning to hand over all our hard earned cash... swimming, a trip to Leeds Castle and a trip to Canterbury Cathedral, so far this term we've been asked for £98 and it's only November! I had a little grumble about that. I also took in my documents for the CRB check so that I can help in school, but had to come back later as I forgot the NI number.
I've been doing some stuff in the kitchen too, trying to make good use of leftovers. I made a chicken and veg soup (which took a lot of cajoling to get the kids to eat) and a kind of homemade ice-cream out of very ripe bananas and a mango. I gave some of the puree to Hope and whizzed up the rest with some double cream and put it in the freezer for the kids pudding. And as the photo shows, they thought it was great! Hope and I popped over to Dunelm Mill this afternoon to get some nice fabric to cover up the cubby holes in the kitchen.
So, to finish off, Honor is studying measurement at school so we practised weighing some things and learning what all the markings on the scales represent. She found it more difficult to
understand a quarter or 25% of a kg, so we'll just keep on practising!
Tomorrow we are going to see A-Ha in concert!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!