Friday, 13 November 2009


Well. Poor Henry was burning up by 5.30pm and needed to take some calpol and go to bed. As I was confused by the previous conversation with the doc's receptionist I decided to call back to a) clarify what the plan was and b) explain that I wouldn't be able to pick up any prescription tonight and therefore ask her what do I do next. I didn't get very far, She didn't listen and kept repeating "I'm sorry, that's all I can tell you". I kept trying to explain that I wasn't coming and she said "I'm sorry. the doctor is in surgery, I can't go in and force him to write the prescription". I said "look, I just want to know when I can collect it, are you open tomorrow?" And she kept repeating "I'm sorry, the doctor is in surgery, I'm afraid that's all I can tell you". And she said it over and over again (just like a robot short-circuiting) until I started to laugh and then I asked for her name. At that point she offered to leave the prescription with the pharmacist.

Is it me?????

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