Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It won't be too much longer until Hubby is home from South Africa. The pics today show the crocodile's tail he had for dinner in Cape Town and of course the famous Table Mountain. "How was that?", I asked. "Well, it's a mountain, innit?" was his unimpressed reply.
I had a surprise visitor first thing this morning. One of Henry's former nursery teachers dropped in on her way to have a facial. We had a good little chat which included a discussion about blogging. She is contemplating writing a blog herself. I hope she does, and sends me the link 'cos I reckon it'll be juicy!
It's 10.15am now. Baby has been in bed for about half an hour, now. She has a lovely long nap in the mornings which last 'til just past lunch time so I can get plenty done and have a relaxed lunch too. Then she gets up for her lunch and we'll watch Loose Women. I think she likes Jane MacDonald best! But there's not much for me to get into now as I'm sitting waiting for 'the man' to turn up and fix the dishwasher. Im not looking forward to that....

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