Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sugar and spice...

It's been a dreadful day, weather-wise. But right now I'm cosied up beside the log burner. Baby is asleep and everyone else is out.
This morning Honor and I examined the contents of our goodie bag and after trying out a few with breakfast, we put them into the green bowl. I took a piccie of them as well as our other little sweetie who was rolling around on the floor in her pink, striped 'no added sugar' romper suit. Later on, Hubby took us on a shopping spree. He knows how to keep his ladies happy! Honor had enough pocket money saved to buy this lovely white fur jacket. I don't mind getting older and fatter, except maybe a bit when I see the fab stuff she gets to wear. And she does look great. I couldn't help feel disappointed every time I caught sight of myself in the mirror - so I chucked some concealer and face masks into the trolley.
Hubby has managed to fit in a bit of painting and decorating over the last few weeks. We moved into this house nearly 3 years ago and, it would seem, nothing had been done for about 30 years! So, it has been hard work trying to smarten the place up a bit on top of everything else and we appreciate his efforts. He'll be off to South Africa soon and then it'll be Christmas so it looks as though we'll have to leave decorating any further 'til next year and concentrate on the kids and having some fun as a family.
I need to go and put the chicken in the oven, now. We'll have a roast dinner and watch the results of the X-Factor.

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