Thursday, 4 August 2011


It has been very hot the last few days. (I can hear my brother in Adelaide sniggering at that statement!) But really, it has. We've been to the beach and I've tried hard to keep my cool looking after the kids. It's not been easy. I got very hot n bovvered yesterday putting up the big splash pool at the bottom of the garden. The kids kept running up wanting to know when they could get in it and didn't appear to understand me when I explained that it takes hours to fill. It took seven hours to fill and so wasn't ready for them until this morning.

And of course, this morning, it was raining. That didn't deter them, though. Oh no. They were desperate to jump in. So here they are... getting very cold. They lasted about ten minutes.
Hope and I sat in the summer house and watched, bemused, until Honor and Henry gave up, and, shivering, demanded that I make them some hot chocolate.
So. Here they are with their hot chocolate and cakes about to watch The Voyage of the Dawn Treader on DVD while I hoover and clean the floor - again.
About four o'clock this afternoon they asked if they could go back in the pool.
I said "no".