Monday, 23 May 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

I haven't had a lot of time to blog recently, what, with hospital appointments and other stuff. Earlier this week, Mum and I attended the funeral of our former priest, Fr Tony Pelan at Aylesford Priory. He was a very good parish priest; an energetic and funny man. He married Hubby and I and baptised our Honor-May.

Yesterday was my birthday. My 40th birthday! I don't look it... do I???!
Here I am at the medieval fair again. We went there on my birthday last year. I think that I am even wearing the same top! It's well worn.
Just enjoying a Pimms while we watch a bit of archery and combat.
Hubby bought me a new coffee table. It is very nice, but the best thing about it was the box!
Look what we did with it...

Hours of fun has been had in this box by both young and old.
Honor and I made decorations for the gazebo.
This ribbon chandelier was made by covering an embroidery hoop in ribbon and tying lots of lengths of ribbon to it and I made the bunting from scrap fabric bundles that I bought on the local haberdashery market stall.
The flowers are a mix of supermarket and garden flowers. Hubby did order me some flowers from an on-line company but they haven't turned up yet. Neither have some birthday cards that family members posted days ago.

My friends, Glenn, Jancy and Lisa came for dinner which was the Aldi 3-bird roast, cooked by Hubby. It was fabulous. And we had the Eton Mess in brandy baskets that we had last year again 'cos they were great. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Life begins....

Saturday, 14 May 2011


These photos are of Henry and Hope playing together under a tree at school. Honor was taking part in the 'potted sports' afternoon and we came to watch. That morning we had been to the hospital to have Henry's stitches removed. This had to be abandoned as Henry got very distressed about it all. They put a new, lightweight cast on for him and scheduled another appointment for the stitches to be removed under general anaesthetic.

On the way to school, we came across this baby bird. It could not fly. Henry was thrilled to get up so close to it, but we tried not to frighten it. I'm not sure what it is. Henry thinks it is a raven.

Yesterday Henry went back to the hospital to have his stitches out. He is now back in a heavy cast which has to stay on for another 5 weeks.

I'm watching the Eurovision song Contest tonight. I love it. I think quite a lot of the songs are good now, so it is hard to say who'll win - not that quality of song ever had anything to do with it - but I'm rooting for JEdward (Ireland) and I think Blue's entry for UK is quite good too, much better than last year's entry.