Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Lest we forget.

Of course today we remember the brave soldiers who fight to protect those who cannot stand up for themselves against oppression. What a coincidence it was in our house today that the 'Little House' episode was 'The Bully Boys' in which the community of Walnut Grove, after turning the other cheek, have to stand together and fight against a bunch of very unpleasant characters! It was food for thought. The 2 World Wars seem a long time ago, and didn't happen in my lifetime. Afghanistan seems so far away, though the media brings it home. But this episode reminds us that people take advantage of others all the time and it takes courage to stand up to bullies. Some friends of mine are having such a difficulty with someone like that. At the moment they are uncomfortable about confronting her or making a complaint in order to keep the peace. But usually, these types of people don't stop and will keep pushing others around unless their victims stand up to them. And it takes brave people to stand with those victims, rather than do the cowardly thing, like Nellie Olson did, by sucking up to the bullies.
A very different battle I am fighting at home is trying to keep the kids rooms in order. The last couple of days has seen me sorting Honor's room. I had to repaint her cupboard doors as she had graffitied all over them. If she does this again, I will charge her for the paint. Anyway, I went for 'Mojito' - a very zingy green colour. Here are some before and after pics. (She got new curtains, too!)

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