Monday, 23 November 2009

Day off.

Today was an INSET day at school and hubby had arranged to have the day off. After catching up on a load of maths Kumon homework we headed down to Manston to visit the museums by the airport. Unfortunately the Manston museum was closed (only open at weekends). But we were still able to look around the Spitfire museum, which was free! The kids LOVED it. I knew Henry would. He is very familiar with all that World War stuff from the Indiana Jones films. But even Honor got really excited about it. She has studied a bit about it all at school. It's a lovely little museum with a 1940's style cafe where we had a cup of tea and watched the planes taking off. It also has a gift shop. Henry bought a noisy plane and Honor bought a book about Anne Frank. We'll definitely go back again when the other museum is open and spend a bit longer.

So after lunch we had to decide where to go next. I thought of heading into Margate with the idea of either visiting the museum there or the Shell Grotto. But Margate was a dismal place. We drove around for ages NOT finding the Grotto. Then we parked to check out the tourist information centre and museum, but both were closed. We did come across a lovely playground on the seafront, heading out of Margate towards Cliftonville which had a huge, wooden Viking Ship to play on and all sorts of great play equipment. The older two played there for half an hour and then we decided to head back to Birchington for a break at Jungle Jims - one of those indoor play barns. Not really the kind of thing I was looking to do, but the kids had a great time, and... in the car park we saw a caravan for sale which hubby is interested in.
I'm back now and baby is having her nap while the others have gone to their Kumon class. Honor has been doing maths for just over a year as she lacks confidence in this. But she wanted to do English too so she starts this today. She thinks it's going to be easy. She is quite advanced for her age in English but Kumon is all about accuracy which Honor tends to be lazy about. So she might be surprised to find she gets more wrong than she thought. Well, we'll see.

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