Monday, 9 November 2009

Things that make you go hmmmm.

Hubby is now off, scot free, one could say. As I write, relaxing in an hotel room in Johannesburg, though I'm sure, after a hard days work and a very long night of travelling. I didn't sleep too well myself. Little doubts and worries kept on popping into my head like 'can I smell smoke... is the smoke alarm working?' 'What if I die in the night? Will anyone find us in time to save the baby?'

Yes, I do worry and hubby complains that I tend to be pessimistic in general. But something always goes wrong when he goes away and so today, yes things did start to go wrong. Just a few days before he left the dishwasher broke down. That's not so bad. I can live without that. Last time he went, it was the washing machine. And to top it all Henry had spent the night vomiting over every bit of bedlinen I had. The next morning I was chucking all the vomit soaked bedclothes out into the yard when the Jehova's Witnesses turned up asking me if I'd thought about Armaggedon. Well, yes, though I think it's just happened! Anyway, today I kept finding mysterious puddles of water in the middle of the kitchen floor. After clearing them up I worked out that the water seems to be leaking from the dishwasher. Also. The sink appears to be blocked and therefore the water is taking a really long time to drain away. I went out and got some Mr Muscle, but it hasn't helped. So, for now, I've stuffed a load of kitchen towel under the dishwasher while I see what happens and think what to do next.

I got my shopping delivered today. I had ordered a packet of mature grated cheese but this had been substituted for medium. Then the delivery man asked why couldn't I just get a normal packet and grate it myself. So I found myself having to defend these little shortcuts I make in order to make life a bit easier. For goodness sake. Now I've got white goods to fix, 3 kids to look after, a christmas cake to make (I started soaking the fruit in the brandy last night - mmmm)... I don't HAVE TIME to grate cheese! And I don't know what I've done to change the text here. (I did, however, get time for a little walk along the creek and take a couple of nice photos including one of a boat called 'Henry').

Anyway. Tomorrow I have some friends coming round for coffee. Hopefully this lot will turn up!

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