Monday, 30 November 2009

Getting on our Wickes!

Somebody e-mailed me this picture today... can't think why!

Our weekend was a busy one, taken up again with diy and trips to Wickes (which the kids HATE!) Hubby was busy replacing the old living room door with a new pine one and is in the process of replacing the architrave and skirting board too. I'm very impressed, it's looking much nicer now. So because Hubby was busy I had to take the kids out in the cold and dark on Saturday evening for the 'switching on' of the lights in town. Honor had to be there with the Brownies. Henry found it very boring and uncomfortable and so I had to reward him with a new light sabre from one of the street traders. It was quite nice, though, to see some of the Mums from Honor's old school again.

And my brother rang me with some exciting news from Down Under...

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