Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Great Jehova!

I'm still sitting here waiting for the dishwasher man to arrive. Just now there was a tap on the door. "That'll be him!"

NO! It was the Jehovas Witnesses. Bless 'em. They are lovely ladies but they do scare me. I listened to their bible reading about the Kingdom of Heaven and how God's government is coming soon. (Watch out Gordon). I don't mind them coming as long as they are clear I'm not converting. I think most people are very wary of the Jehovas. They have a reputation for being pushy and their very extreme interpretations of the Word are not for everyone. But is it Christian to shut the door in their faces and turn them away? I wonder what advice the Priest would give. Must remember to ask him. Anyway, I did a little preaching myself... on the virtues of Little House on the Prairie. I think they were impressed!!!

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