Friday, 6 November 2009


A few of my favourite blogs regularly focus on gratitude. There's a 'gratitude Friday' theme and a 'November gratitude challenge' that I've been reading about. Well, today is Friday and it is November so I'm going to post about what I'm grateful for. (In no particular order...)
1.) That beautiful baby asleep upstairs.
2.) My husband, sitting in the back room in his Superman T-Shirt and pants, working hard so that I get to stay home to look after the kids and that he helped me clean up the house ready for some visitors that were going to come this morning (but didn't turn up!)
3.) My friend Lee (LTG!) who makes me laugh.
4.) My good friends Lisa and Glenn who treat our kids like they they are family.
5.) A comfortable bed (I was sleeping on a broken one for about a year and was able to get it replaced just before the baby was born).
6.) A-Ha - well, why shouldn't they be on the list?
7.) My Mum and Dad
8.) Hubby's Mum and Dad.
9.) John and Edward (hee hee). Well they put the fun factor into X-Factor and it's rubbish that they wouldn't be able to make a decent, listenable record... they can do wonders with technology, nowadays.
10.) The sun shining through the window.
11.) The lillies on the sideboard.
12.) The cup of tea in my hand.
13.) Our tracker mortgage! (And low interest rates)

Funny thing is, on this gratitude Friday, I took a look at what my friends on Facebook have to say this morning and a lot of them are grumbling about something or other. Well, why not. Of course we should reflect more often than not about what is good in our lives but I reckon a good 'ol grumble now and again is healthy so my last one, for today anyway is...
14.) The right to grumble!

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