Thursday, 29 April 2010

Small successes


Hi there!
My 3 small successes this week are:
1.) I've finally called it a day on the Kumon classes. While I think both children have benefited from them, it's a relief to all of us to be rid of it, for now anyway. Hubby and I agonised a bit over this decision (well, I did the agonising - he is more than happy not to be spending £140 per month on this!) but we finally agreed to let it go. We are going to have this Bank Holiday weekend completely free of study and just enjoy family stuff.

2.) My next little success would be coming to a decision on what to do for Honor's 9th birthday next week. We were originally going to hire the village hall and have a disco, but our big girl didn't seem all that enthusiastic about it. Then I suddenly thought 'what about a Little House on the Prairie inspired party?' So now I'll be busy planning that. Activities will include things like candle or soap making, some simple cookery and maybe, even, a spelling bee!

3.) Finally, well, I'm just going to go for the flower arrangement I made from the blossom from the garden. I posted the pictures yesterday. Simple, but lovely.

I'm off now to read some other entries on the Faith and Family website as I have just a little time left before baby wakes up.

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  1. Love the pictures of the flowers. So sweet! Family time is so crucial. I hope your able to enjoy it this weekend.
    Love your blog. Can't wait to visit again.