Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Camps and cows.

Wow! Today has gone really fast. One minute I was unpacking the shopping that had just been delivered and trying to find somewhere to put it all , while Lisa and her nieces arrived, and the next I was collapsing on the sofa with sore feet and gagging for a cup of tea.
I packed up the four children a little picnic lunch, Dick Whittington style and we headed into the countryside to set up these little camps.... one for Henry and one for the girls! Boooooo.

After lunch we went for a super muddy walk to the nearby dairy farm. Of course, the highlight of the adventure was not the cows but these fabulously deep puddles. Not sure that I'll be too popular with these girls' mummy though! One of them did eventually lose one of her wellies and ended up with an extremely muddy sock.

Still, all good fun though... and didn't cost a penny.

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