Saturday, 17 April 2010

This morning, we girlies, had the house to ourselves while the boys went out to do boys' stuff, like going to the dump.
I wanted some time to help Honor with her maths. Yes, she does already do quite a bit at home and with Kumon, but I rarely get time to properly tutor her without distraction. So Hubby and I agreed that I would do this on a Saturday morning. Today it went very well. To start with we had our little baby boo there but eventually she went for her morning nap and then it was just the two of us.
The first picture shows her doing her 'maths mat challenge'. It is a Montessori style activity. Today she has some cards with a sum on. She has to solve the sum but also find two of the cups (on the tray) that contain two numbers that make the same answer. This is to develop her mental arithmetic.
We then worked on place value in her workbooks, followed by her Kumon. I enjoyed it and I think if we can keep this up, her confidence will really improve.
She goes back to school on Monday. At the end of last term we attended parents evening. Her teacher said that she'd keep us informed about what maths topics are being studied in class so that we can support her at home. I hope she remembers. I'm thinking I may send Honor in with a little contact book so that her teacher can just quickly jot down ie: 'shape, this week'.
I hope that's not too pushy!

It was also so lovely watching the two sisters playing together, or Honor really taking care of her little sister. Most of the time, Henry and Honor are off playing together. They don't ignore their baby sister and I don't think I've seen them lose their tempers with her. It's just that without Henry, Honor could really pay attention to little Hope. And I could see how much little Hope appreciated it.
Just look at that cuddle. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

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  1. Looks like those two will have a very special bond!?