Monday, 3 May 2010

Busy Bank Holiday

It certainly has been a very busy bank holiday. Aren't they always? Do we simply spend three whole days relaxing or do we think 'right, three days coming up. Let's see how much we can accomplish in that time'? Well here's the thing. Maybe it is Hubby that hopes for a bit of a rest but after 11 years married to me probably has come to dread the long weekend. Certainly something for me to think about, particularly as there is another one coming up very soon. But in the meantime I'm very delightedly posting about what my dear Hubby did accomplish this weekend.
Firstly though, we did have some fun when his relatives came to town for a family celebration. My super-dooper sister-in-law brought us a belated Christmas present. Look at this! A 'Little House on the Lees' house sign. So now we are official! What a lovely present. I nearly cried.

And now to the hard work. Lots of birthdays at the moment. Mine is coming up soon and this is one of Hubby's pressies for me. Another little gravelled area for my swing seat at the bottom of the garden.

Honor and cousin Eve are also celebrating their birthdays this week.
More presents were exchanged.

And here's the family party we went to. Looks like somebody had too much marshmallow!

So pretty!

So tired!

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