Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More mucky pups.

Another whirlwind of a day gone, though all we did was some messy stuff at home. This morning the elder two made these volcanoes out of playdough and then very half-heartedly added some bits of bark and leaves to make them more realistic. They enjoyed moulding the playdough but were then more keen to get onto the exploding bit! I left them with the bicarbonate of soda, food colouring and vinegar and left them to get on with it to 'til it was all gone.

Meanwhile the baby who was due to have her morning nap was very contentedly crawling about exploring the mud and bark chips. She was happy doing this for a long time so again, I let her get on with it. She was very good at obeying the 'not-in-your-mouth' command! After that, I brought her into the kitchen and laid a towel and bowl of soapy water on the floor and she very happily played with that while I prepared an egg salad for lunch.
Other business included hiding from the Jehovas Witnesses (which didn't work 'cos the kids were playing in the garden and gave the game away), a trip into town to the bank with Honor (it was nice to just be with her for a little while) and then I took all three to the park where they found some other children to play with.
Just waiting for my turkey leg to cook now.

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