Wednesday, 28 April 2010

How does your garden grow?

It has been a fairly sticky day, weather-wise and so we (the babe and I) have spent a lot of today outside. I cut this jug of flowers, quince and apple blossom, from the garden. Aren't they gorgeous? Hope certainly seems to think so!

Here is a new batch of the stinging nettle tonic I am making for the tomatoes.

I planted these tomato plants in the greenhouse today and fed them the tonic I made earlier. Just as Alys Fowler explained on the 'Edible Garden', it did smell very pooey!

And these are some of my hanging baskets. I planted them up at the beginning of April from small plug plants. They have come on quite a lot in just a couple of weeks.

This is our only chicken. Her two friends died recently, but this one is still laying big, white eggs daily. She does seem lonely, though. We intend to get a few more hens next month. Just hope they will get on together.

And these planters belong to Honor-May and Henry. A few months back they sowed som veg seeds in trays and they are now happpily growing outside. They have radishes, swiss chard, beetroot and sweet peas. They also sowed some tomato seeds which are now plants growing in the greenhouse.


  1. Thanks Heather.
    After reading your last post about the afternoon tea, it somehow helped me come up with the idea of doing a 'Little House' party for Honor next week!