Thursday, 22 April 2010

Day at the zoo.

One of my 'Mummy' friends, otherwise known as LTG, had a free ticket to the zoo and so chose us to share it with her. It was such a lovely day out. Warm sunshine and no noisy crowds. Hope and Summer (LTG's 4 yr old daughter) were a pleasure to take out and obviously enjoyed looking at the elephants, tigers and gorillas at Howlett's Zoo, Canterbury.

Best of all, though, was playing with the woodchip!

We had to get back home in time to pick the older children up from school. I had invited some of their friends over to play so they came with their Mummy. We made ourselves comfortable down at the bottom of the garden. The kids mainly played hide and seek in the field while we, Mummys, chatted over a cup of tea. This particular Mum is currently studying for an MA in Early years so we had talked quite a lot about childhood and education. She seemed pretty interested in the Waldorf method and so I thought she might be interested in some of the links from my blog. There is another blog that I have been looking at recently called 'Childhood Magic'. This one is written by a waldorf inspired homeschooling mother living in California. Her photos are stunning and the playroom she has set up for her children is well worth a look.

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