Friday, 19 March 2010

Yesterday I had a bit of time to make these little cubby hole curtains for the kitchen from my new 'wobble stripe' material. They are very cheerful. (Just like me!!!)

The children decorated biscuits again, from the rest of the kit I bought last week, but I did add some extra colours this time. (Natural, of course) . There is so much stuff you can buy now for this kind of thing compared to when we were young.
This morning, as I shopped in Morrissons, I bumped into the ambulance lady who respond to our emergency the other week. It was nice to go and thank her and to explain the outcome of it all. She is in the St John's Ambulance. I used to belong to that when I was young and Honor has expressed an interest in it too. So I shall be looking into that for her.

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