Sunday, 7 March 2010


Another beautiful, sunny day (though pretty cold). We were going to go back to Brockhill Country Park today for a walk. However, one thing has lead to another and all those things have ended up being doing stuff in the garden.

The children began getting into fights and squabbles down the bottom of the garden as they tried, unsuccessfully to make a camp. So I helped them set up these tents and all has been quiet for the last 45 minutes. Ahhhh - spoke too soon. Here they come... bleeding!

Not to worry. Those little cuts are soon cleaned up and plastered!

So. I have planted up a few things. My broad beans indoors are coming up now, but I may sow some outdoors under the new polytunnels. Hubby has been putting up a gazebo on the patio so the baby has somewhere to play.


  1. Nothing like good old cheap fun! I have many memories of setting up camp under my next door neighbours table. I remember well the huge lavender bushes they had in their garden and have loved lavendar ever since. I was SO envious of what looks like mild weather! Yesterday and today we got above freezing here! I am hoping along with many others that Spring will be early this year, although in the back of my mind I remember last year? we had 50cm of snow dumped in the middle of March. Anyway, above freezing is enough for me to dig out my Spring coat which is falling apart literally at the seams. It is my beloved quilted jacket mentioned somewhere on my blog!

    So do you have bunnies? I only have two bunnies left now, Ted (my angora) and Snow White (Holland Lop)

    I am still waiting to see any sign of Spring Bulbs here. We had the indoor ones at work and it really cheered the residents up.

    My sister is off to England as we speak :( Not fair!

  2. Lavender is great - so English.
    Yes we have a black rabbit called Sooty. We've had her for about 5 years. She has been running free for a few months but now we have had to catch her and put her back in her hutch because the other day our neighbour came round to complain that she was eating her new shoots. So I guess I'll have to offer to pay for the damage.

    The weather has warmed up a bit but the forecasters keep threatening us with more cold spells. We had a dramatic interruption to our gardening afternoon as you'll see from my latest post. All seems to be ok now.