Saturday, 13 March 2010

We recently got some new furniture for the study. Just some basic cabinets from Argos, but they suit the room rather well and provide essential storage for all my teaching bits n bobs and I even set aside one cupboard for the kids to keep some art n craft stuff in. The study is a very useful room for Hubby to go when he works from home and for the kids to get sent to when grown-ups need the living room to themselves! They usually moan that there is nothing to do in there. Now they have their own cupboard.

This morning, Grandma came round. Hubby had already sent the kids to 'the study', so we could talk in peace about serious, grown-up stuff. But they didn't mind at all. They turned up eventually having made these little lolly stick puppets.

Later on, I had to help Honor with her school homework. She has been studying shape and the assignment this week was to look at some pictures of models made with cubes and count how many cubes had been used. This was quite difficult for her to translate the diagram to real -life in her head so we used the baby's blocks to rebuild the models and then count.

I think she'll need a lot more practise doing this for real before she'll be able to do it just by looking at a picture.
This afternoon I took her out to get her prize for moving up a level with her Kumon. She chose a chemistry set... no doubt inspired by the fun she had during yesterday's science day.
We went to church this evening and the children did the offertory procession beautifully, this time! No fighting or running!!!
When we got home and I went to put Honor to bed, I found she had all the stuff from her chemistry set out and mixed up already. It would have been cheaper just to provide containers of stuff like bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and just let her experiment. If hubby will let me, I think I'll set something like up for them in the study.

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