Monday, 8 March 2010

999 Emergency.

Well. Our mellow Sunday afternoon came to a dramatic end yesterday when later on, as I was hearing Henry read, little Hope became fussy and wanted some attention. After a quick cuddle, I sat her back down on the floor. She started to cry, And as the cry built up bigger and bigger, she stopped breathing, toppled over and turned blue. It was a terrifying ordeal. I screamed for Hubby and by the time I handed her over to him, she was unconscious and not breathing at all. Actually, we feared the worst. But as I was on the phone to the emergency services, Hubby had been massaging her back and chest and she started to breathe again. In fact she recovered very well, very quickly.

The ambulance arrived quickly, too and we were taken to the hospital. At the time, I thought she was choking on something but as we went over the details with the medics, they eventually concluded that she may have stopped breathing as a result of crying. This is more common in 3 year olds but not unheard of with babies. (Hyperventilation syndrome). Anyway, baby and I stayed the night in hospital which she seemed to really enjoy! The medics gave her a thorough checking over including an ECG and we finally got home late this afternoon. We are all exhausted. And Hubby and I are pretty upset at the moment. But our little baby seems fine now and the docs have told us not to worry.....


  1. OMG I have never heard of that happening to a child or toddler. I have heard of them holding their breath until they pass out and then they naturally start to breathe again, but never to the exteme of little Hope. I am sure you are going to be nervous every time she gets herself worked up over something again! I am so glad she is ok but how traumatic for the whole family?

  2. Yes, it was traumatic but feeling a bit better today. Hubby, in particular, won't put her down at the moment. The docs said it may happen again but if this is the cause, she should recover and eventually grow out of it.

  3. Wow, i am so glad to know this. I had a similar experience with my daughter but she never went into full hyperventilation...I thought she was in shock. Wild.