Sunday, 21 March 2010

Whizz, bang, pop!

Last week Honor-May bought a chemistry set. The kids have been dying to try it out. I think I said that as soon as she got it home she had it out in her bedroom and had pretty much mixed up the ingredients. So I promised I'd sort out a place to keep this stuff in the study and help them with the experiments. Well, I found myself a little challenged this morning to go through any serious lessons with them but allowed them to do their own kind of free play with a variety of ingredients from the kitchen. Hubby quickly pointed out that they'd be better doing this outdoors. I knew there was a good reason for putting up the gazebo - it makes an ideal science lab! So, here they are having a great time mixing up bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, lemon juice, gelatine crystals and food colouring! Meanwhile Hubby tried to get the microscope working. It's not ideal. In hindsight, we would have been better off investing in a decent microscope and then providing all the other bits and pieces separately. Not sure where you can get things like litmus paper cheaply and easily, though.

I'm looking through some websites now that have good ideas for home experiments that we can do next time. Here is one website I like:

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