Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The last few days.

The pictures are from the last couple of days. On Sunday afternoon, we went on a lovely walk across the vally near our house. The kids had fun climbing trees.

Today I planned a 'capacity' lesson for Honor-May. She has been keeping me informed as to what the current maths topics are in school and I do my best to organise some activities to support her understanding of the subject. I know that she finds it difficult to work out on a measuring jug what the unmarked increments of measure are. So we started with a written diagram. She knew how to identify the 100's no problem. She could also work out which lines read as 50, but then struggled a little with 25 and 75ml. Once we had done this, she could easily measure out the amounts of liquid that I had prepared earlier!

I used food colouring in the water to a) make the activity prettier! and b) make it easier to read.
Then she matched up the correct labels to the containers of liquid.

This would have been fun only she was dying to get it over with so she could go and help her Dad with a bonfire at the bottom of the garden.

Yesterday, after school, my Mum took the older two to see Alice in Wonderland at the cinema.
I'm told it is very, very good!

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