Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Nah. Not an hommage to Steve Irwin. I am, of course, referring to St Patrick's Day. Everyone knows that today is the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland and, according to Facebook, they also seem to know that it is Hubby's birthday! So we have fun celebrating both. For the children, I told them the story of St Patrick and how it is believed that he drove the snakes out of Ireland. Then I told them that they were hiding in our garden! They were sent outside to find eleven snakes that I had hidden earlier. A couple of them I had found amoung the kids toys but most of them were rather crudely made from things like socks, scarves, skipping ropes and plasticine.

This is just an old sock stuffed with tissue, tied to a scarf. The kids didn't mind, though. They had great fun!

Henry's sword is also homemade. Daddy made it for him the other day from the junk modelling box.

This is Honor's snake. It is called 'Beauty'!!!!

And this one is called 'Emerald'.

This one is well camouflaged. (Read in Aussie accent!) Careful, it could give you a nasty nip, the little blighter!
After the snake hunt they did some other related colouring and handwriting activities that I found on the 'Catholic Icing' website. They enjoyed this online colouring page.
As I said, it is Hubby's birthday. His employers sent him a bottle of champagne. They also sent me this lovely flower arrangement last week after hearing about our little scare with baby Hope. How thoughtful. Bet there aren't many bosses that would do that.

These are the flowers I got for Mother's Day....

along with this Cath Kidston tablecloth which arrived in the post today. I love Cath Kidston stuff. The picture above this one is of her 'wobble stripe' fabric. That also arrived today. I bought it to put in the kitchen. It's so colourful. I had a look round some other fabric shops to try and find something similar, but cheaper, but couldn't find anything so I went for it.


  1. Happy Birthday Hubby!

    Lovely thought from the boss.It is always lovely to be sent flowers!