Thursday, 11 March 2010

Natural childhood.

I haven't taken any more pics this week. However I have just been reading Waldorf Mama's latest post about building fairy houses. This is something my children do from time to time and so I have dug out a few pics from last summer of the fairy houses they made in the garden. This is a great activity that can be done anywhere; woods, beach, anywhere. I bought them a DVD (after seeing it mentioned on Salt and Chocolate) called Kristen's Fairy House. In it, the girl goes with her artist auntie to an island and builds little houses for the fairies from natural materials in the environment. It got the children's imaginations going and also came with a few do's and don'ts, common sense stuff really to protect the environment. I think there is a book too. But it is simple, free fun and I enjoyed troubleshooting with Honor, trying to build the roof on hers. Proof, also, that you don't need Nintendo's and wiis or whatever to keep them entertained.

Pretty, isn't it. Waldorf Mama (link in sidebar) has some lovely ideas, too.
I'm also blogging tonight about bedtime stories. Last night we read the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. It always brings back memories of the wonderful film starring Danny Kaye that I watched when I was little so, with Henry, I looked up the song on youtube. And here it is..

We then watched the Thumbelina clip. Henry was delighted with the little character created by drawing a face on a thumb and draping it in a little cloth. Magic!
The night before, we had a story called Beryl's Box. We have read this many times but haven't had it out in a while. I love this book because it is about two girls. The first has every toy you can imagine and is bored. Her friend has nothing but a cardboard box and is not bored. Together, they have fabulous and exciting adventures courtesy of this cardboard box (and their imaginations - of course).
I have noticed, as I write this post, that I have been thinking very much about the simplicities of childhood and I suppose these are things I consciously and subconsciously try to preserve for my children.
Finally. Everything seems to be fine now with baby Hope. Poor Hubby has been hovering over her all week. We had a lovely day today, though. Henry had a school trip to Blue Reef sealife centre in Hastings. I went along as a helper and Hubby went too with the baby, separately. I didn't see much of them but when we got home he said he's had one of the best days ever.
I did promise cousin Eve that I'd send some pics, but, sorry, I forgot to take my camera. Hubby does have a little video clip, though, so when he digs it out, I'll send it to you.


  1. I am glad to here that little Hope is doing well!

    Although we have never met we are very like minded!

    I wish I had of known about fairy houses when Olivia was little! I am not sure if at 13 she will still be interested in building one. I will see what this Summer brings!

    I am a great believer in children being children. Our children have always been in awe the huge Maple tree that is in our next door neighbours garden. They were always forbidden to climb it as the neighbours were not kid friendly people. Anyway, the tree has lovely with large low to the ground limbs and I was ecstatic when our neighbours moved and Brits moved in! Finally! I thought the tree would be put to its full potential as they had two young boys 5 and 8 years old, but how dissapointed I was when I found out that not everyone believes in children climbing trees and actually these children are never seen out side!!!! Their mother admits they are far to addicted to video games!

    Saying all that our two boys had a pretty good balance but loved anything electronic, but Olivia does not own any 'gaming device' and is seldom on the computer or watching TV but she loves to read and knit and draw and these are things she does in bed at the end of the day ( very much like myself!)

    I just do not understand how you can go through child hood with out making mud pies and digging for worms and catching frogs! WE used to make rose perfume from the rose petals.

    I could go on, but alas it is time for me to feed all the critters hop in to bed and draw!

    Good Night!

  2. I think the internet is great. When I was teaching, it had only just got started. Now I see so many good ideas that I wish I'd known about back then. It has been so useful though in helping me with my own kids, reading other blogs, I've 'pinched' lots of nice ideas... and most of them come from the USA! I do find, like you, though, that in general, kids around here do not play outside so much now and parents are constantly struggling to keep up with the latest trend in toys/gaming.
    What a shame that lovely tree isn't be used to its full advantage! My hubby is planning, at some point to build a tree house in our garden. (Actually, I think he is planning on going to live in it - after seeing the film 'Wimbledon'!)
    The fairy house thing is a very 'crafty' activity, so maybe Olivia would be interested. Even if just to leave something curious for a younger child to find.