Friday, 12 March 2010

Gratitude Friday.

Well. If ever there was a week to be grateful, this was it. I am brimming over with gratefulness! I started this week, waking up on a children's ward in hospital and although it seems that Friday has come around so quickly, it also feels like it has been a long week. I am so grateful that our little 'baby boo' is still with us. I really don't need anything like that to happen to make me appreciate my children or husband. I, honestly, hand on heart, thank God every night for them.
I'm also grateful today for choices. I think we all have choices and sometimes they can be difficult to make but the choices are there, nonetheless. The choice that I have made, from time to time question, review or find myself defending to others, is the choice to give up work to raise my children. This afternoon I had a whale of a time volunteering on a science day at the kids school. I helped 2 classes of 8-10 year olds make slime. They got to take it home, too. Bet their parents were pleased (hee, hee!) Oh, and they learned, if they were listening, that the substance that they made, somewhere between a liquid and solid, is called a colloid. I often get asked if I miss teaching and some people seem puzzled that I'd give up a career to stay at home. Of course I miss it. But this, staying home while the kids are young, is my choice and it is up to me to LOVE it and it won't be time wasted and I definitely won't be regretting it. (I am, however, looking forward to going back to teaching sometime...)

The pictures are of some Easter biscuits that the children decorated today. As they missed out on cooking day (because we went to Grandad's birthday tea), I cheated and got this biscuit decorating kit from Morrissons and they did this after school today. They had them with their hot chocolate and Beatrix Potter story. This week we had chapter one of 'Little Pig Robinson'. It's a bit of a long story, this one.

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  1. Gosh! Those hot chocolate and cookies look good! I am trying to make it through my day sugar free today!

    For me it was never a question of if I would stay home or not, I just knew there was no other option! It is very hard as time goes by and the kids get older to justify to other enquiring minds why you are still at home and the most difficult thing is when your own children are the ones asking why you are still home!!

    I too was the Mum that attended every school trip and quite often hubby went along also with Olivia. She learnt to skate at 3 years old through weekly skating lessons at the school that we volunteered to go along with. I did miss one trip though and I will never forget as Otis ( the middle one) ran into another boy and got off the school bus with the biggest swollen cheek bone I ever saw. He bruised from his eye brow down to his lip and it took 6 months for the bruising to go away! I for sure never missed another trip until he reached middle school!

    Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for and good health and family must certainly rank at the top.