Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Please Henry, can we have some more....

I invited my Mum to dinner tonight as I had bought some pork and Hubby won't eat it. I need someone else to share it with. I got Henry to make some more of those lovely warm plum sundaes. So yummy. There he is chopping up his plums!
Honor-May made the apple sauce and whizzed up the baby's dinner. It was lovely. Hubby didn't join us. He is still unwell and unable to eat much. I made us some thai hot and sour soup for lunch ( I had chicken bones in the slow cooker overnight) - Nigel Slater's recipe. It is my favourite soup even though it hurts a bit to eat! My nose and eyes were running. I put 3 times as much chilli in Hubby's (at his request) but he didn't bat an eyelid! However he said he couldn't eat any dinner. But as soon as my back was turned, he was tucking into a pot noodle.

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