Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It has been great to get some energy back and so today I've done lots of clearing out and tidying up, including my bits and pieces on the dresser (and those drawers have been done too!) Mr Sainsbury delivered the shopping. I got a big load in. You get free delivery if you spend over £100 and I'm going to try and make it last 'til the end of the month. I do wish the delivery man didn't feel the need to comment on it though. He asked if it was for all the neighbours, too.
I was still very grateful to get some help with the washing up after dinner. Thanks Henry.


  1. Just wait until the little ones become teenagers! Your fridge and cupboards will be full to the brim and three days later they will be empty!!! They will be forever opening the fridge ,peering in and saying there is NO food in the house!!!

    It always feels good to have a sort out and a tidy and even better when things look as pretty as your dresser afterwards. I am looking forward this weekend to just cleaning the house. I have been on the run every day since November! This will be my first day to just stay home and putter about.

  2. Oh no! They're a bit like that already! I keep the fruit bowls fully stocked, but they are going through a bag of apples a day. But Hubby is the worst which is why I have to keep extra porridge and pot noodles in the cupboard!