Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cooking Day.

It is back to business as usual this week and Wednesday is cooking day. Henry received a brilliant cookbook from Auntie Vicky for Christmas. There are loads of recipes in there for us to try that I think the kids will like so I ordered loads of useful ingredients from 'Mr Sainsbury' yesterday. So, today we had a go at making warm plum sundaes (Henry made these)...
(Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh - a knife!!!)

... and Honor-May made Asian noodles with prawns.

Yummy!!! Hubby and I both really enjoyed the meal. The kids, however, weren't too keen on the noodles and squabbled about who's dish was the best. And then poor Hubby who is still not well then had to tackle the washing up...

.... while we snuggled under blankets to watch Little House on the Prairie. We ae on season 4 now. In this episode Mary has gone with Charles to visit her fiancee (she's only 14!)

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