Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I've just taken a break from painting in the kitchen to read the latest post from One of the good things about reading other people's blogs is that it can widen one's horizons and in this case has expanded my library somewhat. The lady here is talking about a book she has been reading about... happiness. She says she is happy. I'm happy too, most of the time. But I haven't always been so. I haven't read this book but my view is that I think you have to decide to be happy and take charge of it. It can take a bit of practise if you're not use to it, hee, hee! All the advice I have read usually tells you there is no point saying to yourself "when I have more money, am thinner, get a better job, x,y and z, I will be happy". I was interested in reading the bit about conversation too and it reminded me of the marriage course that Hubby and I attended at a local Church 2 years ago. Each week married couples came to the Church hall and were treated to a lovely candlelit dinner for 2 and after followed a presentation on a particular aspect of marriage that couples in general cope with. One week it was communication and one of the exercises that followed involved identifying our bad habits as a listener. It was very helpful. And that course is one of the things in my life that has enabled me to be happier. A good relationship with one's spouse definitely helps and beats fancy new kitchens etc. I'm going to kick back now with a yummy egg mayonnaise baguette and coffee that Hubby has just brought in for me (I'm spoilt!) and watch a bit of Loose Women while the paint dries.
Oh, and the picture is of a couple of very nice books that help the happy factor in our house: Ready, Steady, Cook for Kids (from Auntie Vicky) which we've been using a lot on cooking day (which is cancelled today for obvious reasons) and Heaven on Earth by Sharifa Oppenheimer - one of the many books I have purchased as a result of seeing them recommended by other bloggers. I think this one was on Salt and Chocolate, too.

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