Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Clearing up after Christmas.

I've spent yesterday and this morning clearing away all the Christmas stuff and arranging some new bits 'n pieces, mostly purchases from our holiday. This is the Cath Kidston jug that I bought in Lyme Regis...
And this chicken pottery I bought in a giftshop/tearoom in a place called Abbotsbury where we stopped one day for a walk and popped in here for some homemade cakes and rolls. Mmmmm. I'm using this to keep my camomile tea bags in.

This is part of a tea set I bought in a charity shop in Bridport for £2.50!

And these hyacinths I bought in Tesco yesterday for £2!

I've got fish chowder in this 'ere slow cooker for dinner tonight.
It was absolutely freezing in bed last night, even with the heating on. Everyone seems a bit tired and 'off' today especially hubby who appears to have 'man-flu'. He is irritated with me being irritated about so much rubbish and clutter everywhere. I popped next door on Sunday to thank my neighbour for looking after our chickens. When she opened the door I couldn't help but notice how smart her hallway is... no coats and shoes to be seen and she has a carpet which isn't filthy from people trudging in and out with dirty shoes on. How do people do that? (She has 3 kids, too, although much older than ours).
More snow is forecast. Mr Sainsbury delivered my shopping this morning, loads of stuff to keep us going.

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