Thursday, 7 January 2010

More snow.

Well, the call I'd been expecting came this morning... the school was closing. So the kids had to come home and do their work here. Hubby went to pick them up while I ran about getting work ready for them... what? Did you think they were going out to play????
Henry got through his work very quickly but HM took a lot longer, though she does have more to do at her age. We did a bit of revision on 3D shapes, prisms and vertices, homophones and general reading comprehension.
She played this shape sorting game.

And Henry had another of the cheese and vegetable muffins that I made yesterday. I had made some carrot, courgette and apple puree for the baby and sneaked half of the mixture into the cheese muffin mixture. I'm told they were delicious!

We are watching King Solomon's Mines now with Sharon Stone before she forgot to put on her underwear. They are waiting for Hubby to take them out for a play, but they seem to be nice and cosy here in front of the telly.
I think I can hear the baby crying... times up!

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