Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I started sowing my seeds last week. Some of them have started to come up. I just love growing things. I put some of the seed trays on Honor-May's windowsill as it has a warm, sunny aspect. I warned her that they were there and asked that she "leave them alone or what will happen?" "They won't grow, Mummy." Good, I thought. She's sensible, I can trust her. Anyway, this is how I found them when I went into her room this morning. No doubt she'll blame the dogs. Very active imagination, she has!
Even though the big dog was sitting on it, one of the hollyhock seedlings was breaking through.

After I put baby down for her morning nap, I popped out to the shops. (Hubby was home!) I went into Homebase as I want to give the kitchen a bit of a freshen up. At the moment it is all green and I've been thinking of adding some other colour for the door and woodwork. I ummmed and aahhhhed for ages between this porcelain blue and candyfloss pink, but the blue won in the end 'cos it was much cheaper and it is gloss (the pink was satin). If I don't like it, I could repaint later with pink, maybe.

This is what I mean.
When we first moved in I covered everything up in this Cath Kidston wallpaper. (Actually, father-in-law did, thanks!) I still really like this, but I don't like that the kitchen is so dark and feels pokey.

So I'm thinking of painting out this area in ivory to lighten it up and keep the paper elsewhere.

And all that stuff on top of the units has to go!

And perhaps a general tidy up and reorganisation to clear the clutter.

She's lovely!

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