Saturday, 2 January 2010

Even more from Dorset!!!

These two photos were taken at the Eileen Soper exhibition in Poole. Eileen Soper did the illustrations for the Enid Blyton books. This was a great day out but I want to do a separate post on that later. For now, just a couple of pics of us being silly with some silly specs out of an old 1940's toy box!

These next two pics are in a cafe. The thing I like about this cold weather is I haven't done anything with my hair for weeks (apart from wash it!). I can just stick a hat on every time I go out!

Full of excitement, waiting for Father Christmas to arrive. The kids have pillow cases laid out by the tree, and that is all they had. And they didn't seem to mind that SC brought a few books some other bits 'n pieces and....a cuddly toy.

And she is simply.... beautiful!

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