Saturday, 2 January 2010

Five have fun in Dorset!

This is Honor-May and Henry at the harbour at Lyme Regis on Christmas Day. The weather was beautiful. Hubby put the turkey in the oven (upside-down) and we left it cooking while we went for a walk. Lyme Regis is a lovely, well-kept town and there were plenty of people out and about, even going for a Christmas Day dip in the sea! Even some of the prettily painted beach huts on the seafront had been opened up and delicious smells were wafting about from them and the other beach front houses. It was a very nice walk and there were loads of things to look at, not just the boats andd fabulous scenery but the decorations in windows and outside houses. I was particularly taken with the driftwood christmas trees adorned with starfishes and pretty shells...awesome! I didn't get any pictures of those, though, it didn't seem too polite to be flashing my camera at peoples windows!
Dorset is all about fossils so there were plenty of fossil shops, museums and stuff about dinosaurs to be discovered. And there was a lovely shop in Lyme Regis High Street called A Touch of Vintage which sold lots of Cath Kidston things. I got a little jug for when I clear away all the Christmas decs, I shall put some pretty flowers in it to freshen the place up.

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