Monday, 11 January 2010

The Great Escape.

I've just been out for the first time in seven days. There's still loads of snow everywhere. I just got Hubby to drive me to Tesco's as I'm not brave enough to make the journey myself. It was nice and quiet in there. I bumped into someone I know who told me all about her Christmas, cooking dinner for the 5000, setting the alarm for 5am but struggling to get up to get on with all the work with a hangover. She said she enjoyed doing it because otherwise I just don't get why I often hear women lamenting about how much they have to do at Christmas. What would happen if they didn't get up at 5am and start peeling potatoes and sprouts. Would it be like in LOST where poor Desmond has to reset a button every 108 minutes or the world will blow up? Would Christmas come to an end if we put our feet up with chicken nuggets (like Bianca's family in Eastenders... and they seemed to be having the better day) or fish n chips instead of turkey?
Well. I suppose we have a choice. Personally, I prefer less of a hoo-haa but then I did really appreciate the beautiful dinner Hubby made for us. And he did it cheerfully. I can't bear to watch anyone making a martyr of themselves. Especially me... hee, hee!

Anyway. I think a little trip out was just what the doc ordered. One is starting to go a little stir crazy!

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  1. You know, I often wonder what it would be like to break out of the Christmas traditions and do something different. Our Christmas is always the same predictable routine, which is very lovely and part of that routine includes getting up early to go and fetch my Mum so she can be here to watch my daughter open her stocking. She used to stay over and watch all the kids but Olivia is the only one who is up early now and Mum cannot stay over because of the stairs, so we collect her. After lunch my sister comes and this is always a big event because no one is allowed to open anything other than a stocking until she is here!!! She phones on her way to put the kettle on (so not to delay once in the house)!
    A few days ago my sister phoned and said she is leaving for England Dec 24th 2010!!! What will we do??? For us, we will have to make new traditions in her absence and I am sure it won't be very long before our kids will be else where in the city , country or world for Christmas. I am just not sure how I feel about that!