Wednesday, 2 June 2010


We started our day with a little war-time cookery. Here, Honor is making pear crumble...
and Henry is making bread. Both recipes I took from the 1940's experiment blog that I mentioned before. Earlier there had been a fracass between Honor and Henry in the wigwam which resulted in Honor getting her finger chopped by Henry's sword. We had to have a little sit down and talk about anger management...

So here is Henry getting rid of all that annoyance caused by a bossy big sister in kneading his bread!

I said I was going to get a small tipi from Argos. Well When Hubby got wind of my plan he decided we should go for a bigger one. He hoped it would be suitable for real camping in. So here we have the medium 3-4 man tent. It is a nice size for the kids to play in. It would probably be ok for real camping too, though I'd agree with a lot of the reviews on the Argos website- not the best choice if the weather got bad. The rain does get in underneath.

But these three love it and their cozy beds were still dry this morning, as was my nice 'Homemade' book that I didn't know Honor had left in there.

Yesterday we went to the Maidstone Museum. They have there an exhibition of past childhood in which they had displayed the old 'I-Spy' books that I used to have as a child. Well these books are back again. Brilliant! And some clever person bought one for Honor for her birthday.

She has 'I-Spy Nature' which she took to the seaside this afternoon and was able to spot lots of things, including cloud shapes and tick them off in her book. The idea is you have to find all the things in the book and date when you saw them. When the book is completed you can apply (on-line nowadays) for a certificate and badge. I really enjoyed doing these when I was a child and getting my certificates from 'Big Chief I-Spy'!

The weather is warming up nicely too. Hurrah!


  1. Looks like it is a lot of fun to be a child in your house! How blessed they are with down to earth good fun and fresh air. I love to see hope in the middle of things and oh how I envy the trips to the beach that you have! I was never able to give that to our children, but I am sure they will have their own special things to remember!

  2. Hello ACP!
    Yes we have some lovely countryside and beaches in this country. I guess you are too far from a beach? I don't know much about Canada. Hubby has been there a few times and he has mentioned some work opportunities that could see us going there for a bit - maybe. Honor is appalled at the idea, but Henry is very keen to go (and wrestle with bears!)
    I'm going to pop over to your blog now and see your fairy house!
    Ta ta!

  3. The beaches we have here are man made!! Basically on a nice little spot on the edge of the lake they will dump tonnes of sand to make a beach! Because there is no tide they actually bring a tractor and rake the sand into place daily. We have quite a few man made beaches in Ottawa,some of them on the river and some are quite huge. Beach Volley Ball is pretty big here so a lot of the beaches have Volley Ball nets. The HOPE Volley Ball Tournament is for charity and has over 10,000 players!

  4. HOPE volleyball! I get it!