Thursday, 10 June 2010

Arrived from Amazon.

I love it when little brown parcels arrive through my letterbox.
I keep promising myself that I will start sewing. Hubby has got my sewing machine down from the loft... and that is as far as we have got. My mother-in-law has now given me 3 sewing boxes! What is she trying to tell me? So really I have no excuse not to get started. (Apart from running around after 3 children and not being able to keep my eyes open when they are finally in bed and the housework is done!)
Honor-May is very fond of the clothes worn in films like The Railway Children. She has been asking for a pinafore dress or smock like Bobby (Jenny Agutter) wears. I've tried to find them ready made but not much joy there. Then I came across this book - 'Carefree clothes for girls'. It arrived this morning and looks like the kind of thing Honor will like. Not all the reviews on Amazon for this book are complimentary. One customer thought the clothes were tatty looking. But, I think, this is the look we are after.

I might even make something like this for myself.

The 'Carrie's War' dvd also arrived.
And, after seeing how much Honor-May has been enjoying filling in her 'I-Spy' book, I had a look to see what else was available. There is a vast collection of titles, now and suitable for different age groups. Our children were recently invited to my friend LTG's twin boys birthday party. I couldn't think what to get them. Now I have bought them each a large, hardback 'I-Spy' picture book - one is called 'Extreme Challenger' and the other 'A Spooky Night'. The idea is to find the objects mentioned in the rhyming text in the picture... and it is not as easy as it sounds, as Hubby found out.

I am still going for 'adventure walks'.
These pictures are from Herne Bay.


  1. OK. Now I am really jealous. Herne Bay has a firm place in my heart. I remember when the pier collapsed in a storm...many years ago. I lived there for a while and have many, many fond memories. It was always known as an old peoples town. I wonder what it is like now.

    I know what you mean about waiting until the kiddly winks are in bed. I often look so forward to this time and then just fall asleep!

    My kids loved the I Spy books. Just a little tip. If you cannot find what you are looking for turn the book upside down. It works every time!

    Good luck with your sewing!

  2. Yes, Herne Bay is still very much an old people's town. Maybe you will get to retire there one day!

    OK, we'll try turning the book upside down. Thanks for the tip.