Sunday, 6 June 2010


This morning we went to a bootfair and picked up a hamster cage with all the bits and pieces for £3. Honor-May has been wanting said little furry pet for sometime. Hubby is not keen at all as the children already have a rabbit and show it very little consideration. However, I did promise HM that she could have a hamster of her very own if she could improve her work ethic at school and raise her game in maths. Her school send home a report every 6 weeks to show parents at exactly which level they are working at in literacy and maths and are also graded for effort and behaviour. The last 2 reports has seen HM's effort and behaviour go from satisfactory to good. The maths, understandably, will take a bit longer to move up a level. Hubby is counting (see what I did there? Hee, hee) on her being numerately challenged. But I think, based on how she has been very confidently adding decimal numbers in her head this week, she can do it. She just needs an A++ in confidence.
Anyway, it doesn't take Stephen Hawking to work out that £3 is a good deal on a hamster cage (the usual rrp is about £25), so we really had to take a leap of faith and grab that bargain. For the time being, though, it is going to be bagged up and put up in the loft.
I didn't get myself any bargains at the bootfair but did, later on, go to the flea market at the creek. I really love it there. Lots of vintage stuff - I could get carried away. I found this tea-cosy (see top pic) made out of my wobble stripe fabric and this gorgeous Laura Ashley dress for HM.

This afternoon HM and Henry got Hubby busy opening a couple of coconuts for them...

while Hope and I went to visit my Mum. Here is Hope enjoying playing with the baby doll in a little crib made out of Henry's construction kit.

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  1. I clicked on your link at unplug your kids. Your comments about the sleep study were quite interesting. Our 2 young grandsons have been staying with us for a bit and I've noticed that they do much better during the day when they've had a good night's sleep. But that isn't this post. When you wrote HM, I thought you were referring to you daughter as Her Majesty, then I looked back up and saw that they were her initials. Very clever of you. Nice blog, too.