Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday night is poetry night.

Oh dear. There is quite a lot of mess to clear up but I really need to sit down for a bit. I've been having back trouble since the baby was born and it has recently got worse, forcing me to see the doctor this week. He has referred me for physiotherapy and told me to take ibuprofen 3 times a day for a week. The ibuprofen has been very effective, but I didn't take it on time this afternoon and now I'm suffering again. So. The kids are in bed now and I'll leave the clearing up for about an hour. Hopefully I'll feel better then. (I hate leaving the clearing up - it's harder to relax when it is still there... lurking!)
Anyway. I was going to talk about the bedtime routine. I have previously chosen themes to make Friday's bedtime a bit more special. For the time being, it will now be poetry night.
I made Honor and Henry these yummy chocolate milkshakes. They have a big scoop of ice-cream, some squirty cream and a few jelly beans and white chocolate buttons on top.

As they drank/ate their milkshakes, I read them a few poems from this entertaining book by Shel Silverstein... loudly, over the sound of slurping!

England are playing in the World Cup tonight. Thought I should mention it! Good luck, England!

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