Thursday, 24 June 2010

Today is the feast day of St John the Baptist. This saint's day sticks in my mind more than most because it is shared with my 'Nanny Edna's' birthday, plus I always remember the scene in Franco Zeffirelli's Jesus of Nazareth when the dance of Herod's daughter Salome led to his beheading. St John, incidentally, was played by Michael York and he has family that live in our town. I think he even opened a fete here once! He has a separate feast for his beheading... on August 29th (John the Baptist, not Michael York. I last saw him in Austen Powers. Oh, behave!)
No doubt in my mind though, a great man and a great saint.. 'nuff said.
I see a few of my friends have birthdays today and another laid her little baby boy to rest this morning.

St John the Baptist, pray for us.


  1. That is interesting. Quebec celebrates St John Baptist Day. It is a holiday, but Ottawa does not celebtrate it. We celebrate July 1st Canada Day and they do not!

  2. Is that a french/english thing?