Thursday, 3 June 2010

Going nowhere.

We saved our money and petrol today by staying at home and making our own entertainment. To be honest, I could more than welcome a rest from organising trips and activities and anyway it does kids good to be free to use their own imaginations and organise themselves.

Here they are playing 'hospitals' using toilet paper for bandages and a nurses hat.
If I thought I was going to get a little time to myself though, I was mistaken. The kids will always find something for me to do. I'm so glad we went to the trouble of getting them a wigwam - not! It didn't take them long to abandon it and start building a hideaway in one of the hedges. As I sat reading my new Kevin Leman book 'How to make children mind without losing yours', they hijacked me into cutting away some of the branches to make room for them and then making a camouflage door with the cut up branches.

Neat, eh? They did play in the wigwam a bit, too. It is really hot in there today!

And our littlest one enjoyed some water play with some of the shells we collected from the beach.
I'm exhausted now and have to go and make dinner. Think I'll get a packet of instant mash out of the cupboard...

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