Monday, 14 June 2010

My first harvest.

I was outside, just now, but have had to come running in to keep out of the way of a big swarm of either wasps or bees. I was in the shed when I became aware of a very loud sound, like if you were near a busy motorway. When I came out I could see this huge swarm up in the air about 50 feet away, so I just ran indoors and closed all the windows. I'm now wondering if I did something to disturb them or if it is something else. Will they be after me if I go back outside?

Anyway, yesterday, I picked the first yields from the veg patch, this lettuce and Henry's swiss chard. We had the chard and some of my Mum's home-grown green with our Sunday roast.

This is HM in her Laura Ashley dress that I got at the flea market last week.

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  1. Gosh, that is enough to make you run!!! Love the dress. The one and only Laura Ashley shop here closed down many years ago. Most of my Laura Ashley clothes are so dated. I am saving them to make a quilt one day!!